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About Our GPS Tracking System

      SAI DIGITAL SYSTEMS was established in order to become a part of the global technological forefront and a key player in the GPS Hardware and GPS Software Application development. We are offering very effective GPS based Vehicle Tracking System and GPS Tracking Software solutions. We wanted to allow any individual or corporation real-time access to its mobile or fixed assets anywhere, anytime for the purpose of obtaining vital and important information specific to each individual user. We already see our product being used globally in vehicles, homes, offices, properties, people, animals, and by private and commercial users alike. The need for safety, security, information and efficiency is indeed a global necessity which has neither borders nor language barriers.

      SAI DIGITAL SYSTEMS is the service oriented organization which provides solutions to all your fleet oriented problems. We always recommend the best suitable hardwares to our customers. We can provide customized software solutions in GPS to our customers. Saving on costs is perhaps the most common reason to invest in SAI Digital Systems. It is easy to see how quickly you can get your Return of Investment with SAI Digital Systems. This becomes apparent when you have assets to track and operations to streamline. One example is having a fleet of vehicles riding in the field. Obtaining a real-time overview of your vehicles means you can direct the drivers to take the best route, send the nearest unit to a customer, prevent improper use, mileage reporting, reducing excess wear on vehicles, improve estimated delivery times and improve overall customer service. All this means almost instant savings and also extends the life of your fleet. And once you have a vehicle with an installed hardwares of ours with our service... the other possibilities are included!

      GPS TECHNOLOGY is used in many areas, like

  •   Fleet Management Solution
  •   Personal Tracking Solution
  •   Pet Animal Tracking
  •   Wild Animal Tracking
  •   Asset Tracking Management Solution
  •   Containers Tracking
  •   Waste Management Areas
  •   Construction Areas
  •   Tracking Leased or Rented Vehicles
  •   Military Areas
  •   Marine, etc
  •   Wherever the location based information are required

      GPS Technology is getting mingled with our day to day life activities, and it grows fastly. GPS based hardwares and softwares are developed worldwide and used effectively.

Why SAI Digital Systems


Whether you own a single vehicle or are a fleet owner, SAI Digital Systems is determined to protect and monitor your asset from theft or harm


SAI Digital System's Vehicle Tracking Software can help you to reduce a good amount of your vehicle's fuel cost. Track the behaviour of your driver, reduce excessive idling time and save big on fuel cost


Get live over-speeding, entry and exit points, monitor idling, Vehicle services and maintenance alerts with our real time GPS Vehicle Tracking System


Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of your vehicle so that you can worry less about your vehicle's well-being with real time GPS Tracking and enjoy your time on the road


Turn on vehicle locking system from SAI Digital System's GPS Tracking software and be assured that your vehicle won't start without your permission


Don't think twice while parking anywhere. Track location with SAI Digital System's GPS Tracking System from your office and get alerts whenever your vehicle starts

Personal Tracking Solutions

In certain situations tracing people can be absolutely critical. Whether it is your kids, a elderly relative, high-profile VIPs or even pets. They all can be located and tracked by using our hardware and software solutions. The personal tracker has three buttons that can be configured as an SOS button which instantly sends an alarm or other notifications to the respective owner phone numbers. It is all event-driven, so you can set safety regions, detect collisions. Also it is possible to have 2 way voice communication.

Fleet Management Solutions

Your fleet vehicles at your fingertips with SAI Digital Systems When you want to be more competitive and profitable, accurate and timely knowledge of your fleet activities is the most important information you can have. Our tracking solutions removes the blindfolds - delivering this critical information right to your desktop through an extensive set of features.

  •   Live Tracking
  •   Effective Fleet Tracking
  •   Secure your fleets by knowing where it is exactly
  •   Optimum route selection by analyzing route reports
  •   Effective Fuel Management ( Fuel Monitoring )
  •   Study about driver performance
  •   Journey Management
  •   Optimum Vehicle Maintenance
  •   And even more...

Marketing Management Solutions

One can track their marketing persons effectively using our hardware and software. By using our service and solution can monitor marketing team's day to day activities and we can provide automated report generation as per the customers requirements.

Asset Tracking Solutions

You can track your mobile and immobile assets by using our hardware and software solutions. You can be alerted when the predefined events triggered through our hardware units which fixed with your mobile asset or immobile asset. You can monitor the Temperature, Pressure, Sensor outputs, etc., even more as you wish. By securing your mobile or immobile assets through our extended features, you can be peaceful and happy

Cold-chain Management Solutions

You can monitor the Temperature of your freezer container vehicles on the move, Which carries the preserved food materials, medical products, etc.. There by you can give a satisfactory & promised transportation service to your valuable customers.

Waste Management Solutions

Waste Management companies can track their waste management teams or vehicles using our service and can improve their business. They can monitor the time management of waste management team or vehicle in real time. By doing so, they can optimize their activities

Taxi & Travels Management Solutions

You can use your Taxi and Travels Vehicles effectively using our Services. Our solutions provides easy way to find the nearest vehicles with respect to your clients location. This minimizes time to reach your client and there by you can give better service to your clients. You can monitor the trip distance, usage of Air Conditions, and other facilities of your vehicles which will be chargeable according to your customer's usage.

School & College Transportation Management Solutions

By using our Special hardwares and Software Solutions Schools and Colleges can give a secured way of transportation to their students. Alerts can be served to the parents on pick up and drop of students. And even more features we can offer as per the requirements of School and College Management.

GPS Tracking Software

SAI Digital Systems has enough knowledge over Software and Embedded Systems, this makes us to give better solutions to your needs than any body in this industry. So do not hesitate to reach us regarding your requirement and problems. We are here to help you

How SAI's GPS Tracking System is Better

Features Other Devices SAI Digital System's Devices
Real Time Tracking
Ignition Status
Over-Speeding Report
Vehicle Lock
Idling Report
1 Year Device Warranty
SOS Button
Fuel Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring
Location History (90 Days)
Nearest Vehicle Locator
Nearest Fuel Pump Locator
Driver Verification

SAI Digital Systems

      As a leading provider of GPS Tracking Services, SMS Services and Website Designing in India, customers choose us for our high standards of quality and commitment to services.


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