SAI Digital Systems was formed in 2009 for the purpose of commercializing a range of Telematic Wireless products for security/productivity and effective fleet management in India and World wide.

SAI Digital Systems was established in order to become a part of the global technological forefront and a key player in the GPS Hardware and GPS Software Application development. We are offering very effective GPS based Vehicle Tracking System and GPS Tracking Software solutions. We wanted to allow any individual or corporation real-time access to its mobile or fixed assets anywhere, anytime for the purpose of obtaining vital and important information specific to each individual user. We already see our product being used globally in vehicles, homes, offices, properties, people, animals, and by private and commercial users alike. The need for safety, security, information and efficiency is indeed a global necessity which has neither borders nor language barriers.

GPS Technology is used in many areas, like Fleet Management Solution, Personal Tracking Solution, Pet Animal Tracking, Wild Animal Tracking, Asset Tracking Management Solution, Containers Tracking, Waste Management Areas, Construction Areas, Tracking Leased or Rented Vehicles, Military Areas, Aviation, Marine, etc., wherever the location based information are required. GPS Technology is getting mingled with our day to day life activities, and it grows fastly. GPS based hardwares and softwares are developed worldwide and used effectively.

SAI Digital Systems capable to provide customized effective solutions in GPS Technology. Currently we are providing GPS based Vehicle Tracking System & Solutions, GPS based School trip Management System & Solutions, GPS based Marketing Management Solutions, GPS based Hospital Waste Management Solutions, GPS based Personal Tracking Security & Solutions, etc., and we are developing GPS Tracking Software according to the customers requirement.

Our Clients:

TVS Brakes India Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, GeoCompanion GmbH, Ken Bio Links Pvt Ltd, Sri Ramajayam Transport, Tarai Travels, Sundhar Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Sun Enterprises, Sri Ramajayam Car Spa

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